Friday, 28 August 2015


Walt: Ask questions about what sport you like and answer back .
The question you ask is he hakinakina pai ke ahau he _________(ex,omaoma which means to jog ).
Then you say back aroha ana .
Next step : Is to say it off by heart and include other sports that I don't know .


In writing we have been doing speeches.
WALT: Write speeches with a chosen topic and then try and persuade someone to agree with us on  what our topic is.My topic is Sports matches are over priced to go to .I chose it because I think they are way over priced to go to.
Next step: Is to speak more louder with volume and add more detail to make the audience keep interested

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Walt:write a speech and get someone to argu with you .
I am writing sports matches are to dear to go to .I chose this because every time I go to a game it is always dear and I'm limited on what I can get.
Next step: Is to add more humor or detail to it and have strong statements.

Te reo

Walt:say all the sports games in te reo and put it into a sentence .
Example:He hakinkina pai Ki ahau he omaoma.That means I like to jog/run.
Next step:Is to know all sports off by heart and include other sports

Thursday, 6 August 2015


In science  we have been learning about desolving things like sugar and the dencety of colours .
My next step would be to get involoved more and ask questions .

reading writing maths

this is my  console for maths .This shows what I need to work on and my Strengths.
My next step is to work on my gaps and get them correct so then i can master it on the next test.
This here is my hamburger chart for writing speeches .My speech is on why are sports matches dear to go to.
My next step is to persuade someone to agree with me
This here is my weekly plan of my reading and it includes a authors purpose task that we have to complete.
My next step is to get my must do's done each week.