Friday, 30 May 2014

Maths decimals

WALT:solve decimals equations that involve addition and subtraction.
-basic facts
-place value 

My next step:would be to try multiplication/harder addition 

Action verbs/linking verbs

WALT:use action verbs and linking verbs.
S.C:use a verb to understand what it is.
A verb is a name or a place or a thing.
My next step : to understand what a prefix is or a root word 

Friday, 16 May 2014

                                              The Weekend To Palmerston North

Its time to go to Palmerston North.On Febuary 8 of 2014 my sister Hayley,mum,dad and i went to Palmerston North.First of all we went to Christchurch Airport at that stage i was very excited.Finally it was time to go on the plane.The modle of the plane was a ATR.On the way there I got a cookie time biscut the flavor was triple chocolate the taste of it was delicous and it just melted in my mouth.It was a bumpy ride landing into Wellington Airport and when we got there we had donut  king.we got our rental car and the number plate was GAY619.When we got our bags we went to our hotel.Next we went to new world to get some food and drink.

NIGHT 1:Around about 5:30 my family and i headed to FMG stadium.theese are the teams :Canterbury glen eagles ,Nelson tigers , Wellington wildcats , Palmerston North Panthers , manamatu mustangs , wanginui warriors , Wiakato Wanders , Auckland all stars , Great britin lions who actually come from britin and my favourite team of all BAY PARK BUSTERS.At this point i feel speachlious  i didn't  think i was actually here '' but i was ''. 8:00 and  we were half way through i said to my mum i hope bay park busters win.the night was over and we headed back to the hotel and had food and went to sleep.

day 2:when i woke up in the morning  i got dress  and got in the car and drove off to the coffe club , for  breakfast i had pancakes with ice cream and chocolate sauce and berrys.After breakfast we went to danvirke and went to subway to get tea even though it was the morning.when i got back to the hotle i had burger king it was a bbq bacon double cheese burger. we headed to fmg stadium againg for the second nght of the nz super stock teams was the grand final and it was between bay park busters and nelson tigers and the winner was BAY PARK BUSTERS i was so happy.

day 3:Here i was at wellington airport heading home. i ahd lunch there i had pizza.When i got on the plane i said thanks to mum and dad.

by brad

Thursday, 15 May 2014


Today's task was prefixes and some of the prefixes were