Friday, 27 February 2015

how have i stepped up to be a year eight in the school.

i have stepped up in the school by doing some leadership roles and being at the place at the right time and helping out as much people in the school.I have also been involved with the canterbury rams pratice.
swimming sports

on tuesday the whole kuari team went to jellie park to compete in swimming events for the school . my job at school is sports co ordinator  so i got to help out and give out sport pozies.for my event i came second in kickbored and for my next race i came third that was for for me overall i had a good day

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Pals: On Friday 19th of feburary I had Pals on the second half of lunch.When it was my time for duty I went over to the box and got my bright orange vest and put it on and went on the court and explained the game we were playing and the rules to the kakano students the game we were playing was toilet tag,My group showed a example how to play the game and then we let them play the game. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

tabloid sports

On Friday last week the kauri students had tabloid sports,Olivia and I got to open it and we had a speech to talk about to everyone.When Mr Forman was talking to everyone about where the activities were he got me to run around the field to show other students where they were so they knew where to go.When it started Olivia and I got to hand out pozis and surpported and cheered all of the other students.On one of the activities included water and it was in buckets and when they got empty we had to fill them back up.When it was all over and done with it was morning tea but i stayed and helped put all the sports/equipment away.

By Brad