Friday, 19 September 2014

Koru Games Recount

It is Tuesday 16 of September I woke up and go in to my sport clothes and went to school.When I got at school I went over to the hall.I walked over to the field and went on the bus. it was time we arrived at the Koru Games we went into the event centre in Lincoln and sat in our class lines.once the opening ceromony was done my team went to prebbleton grounds to play touch.

When we got there I had morning tea.Next Rowan and I kicked the rugby ball to each other.Then we had to warm up for our first game and that was against Lincoln and we lost. The games were 15 minute halfs.during our  second game I scored a trie. at the end of the day I had scored 2 tries.

The next day I put my boots on so it would help side step because it was raining.I made sure I had packed my lunch drink bottle and the afternoon it started to rain heavely so I put my jacket.

When we got at prebbleton for day 3 I looked to see who we were playing and we were playing the other oaklands team and I scored 4 tries. 

By brad

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Walt: to write a narritive of our choice.
Next step: to write it a little bit easier so my buddy reader can read it and not to add real life soccer superstars.
I think I did well but I could of done it better and done small paragraphs.


Walt:use fractions and use it in a question.
Next step: to try in a level 4 book 2 book and do harder questions