Thursday, 3 July 2014

Business and consumers explanation

Consumers and businesses have rights which can lead to other ways of looking at each other.I will be explaining how businesses lose customers and what happens when a many manufacture makes a faulty product.

Manufactures can lose customers/businesses if they don't have trust  which could be costly.Businesses won't get any items from the manufactures if the item is faulty and its not fit for purpose.If there is one muck up with an item it can lead to problems and frustraights for the consumer and the businesses,and consumers might not go back to that shop unless they sort the problem out.

Every single person in the world would have to have confidence in the business to buy a product otherwise the consumer  won't know if the business is telling the truth.

Businesses lose time because the consumer has to come back to the shop and talk to the dealer and then the other consumers have to wait in line for there turn.